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This site is owned and operated by News Network, and please read carefully the terms and conditions below carefully because they represent the terms and conditions of use for this website.

1- The duty of the user
By using or visiting this website, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions that Al Jazeera enacts on its website from time to time. Your entry to it and your participation or downloading of materials from the site indicates your agreement to adhere to these terms and conditions, and the island has the right to change these terms by publishing them through the site, and you must then indicate acceptance and commitment to these terms, and if you do not agree to any of these conditions, please stop Use the site immediately.

If there is a contradiction between these terms and conditions, and between the rules and / or some specific condition for use published on the site that pertains to a material in itself, the latter will be applied.

2- Terms of use
The use of this website is permitted for legitimate purposes and in a manner that does not violate the law or any of the rights or restrictions imposed on the use of this site by a third party.

These restrictions include – but are not limited to – harassment, defamation, the use of obscene and offensive language against third methods, and any other behavior that may be considered inappropriate.

Accordingly, you hereby pledge that you are over 18 years old, and / or possess all legal approvals and procedures for the use of this site, and you undertake to abide by all terms and conditions, as well as pledge that you are able to review and adhere to those terms and conditions.

3- Show data
There are various parts of the site that allow the user to view his private data and broadcast it on this website. ”Which is referred to here as (User Submission). It includes personal data, audio-visual materials and opinions, but according to the following conditions:

3-1- When you display any material on this site, you accept to submit an unlimited, irrevocable, global license to “User Submission” on the island, which in turn is entitled to use, distribute, amend or delete parts of the offer as it is its right to free disposal In any forum or media.

3-2- Al Jazeera can use the user’s offers for any purpose whatsoever without restricting the reproduction, broadcast, editing, cutting, rewriting or any other use of the right to the island.

3-3- The user alone bears all responsibility arising from his presentation of his data and for any claims and damages, the rights of the third party, and any legal behavior or procedure resulting from the use and display of the material on this site.

3-4- By displaying the materials, you hereby undertake and confirm that you have all rights to display the materials and that you have obtained all licenses, rights and permissions necessary to use and authorize the island to use any material presented, including patent rights, trademarks, trade secrets or copyrights and other property rights .

3-5- You undertake that you will not display or disclose on this site any information or data that is protected by copyright, trade secrets or third-party property rights, including privacy and copyright, unless all rights to publish the material have been obtained from its owners, and from Then submit the indicated authorization to the island.

3-6- It also undertakes not to display any material or information that is illegal, defamatory, obscene, political, or threatening, or that incites hatred and racism, or is considered an incentive to commit a crime and entails civil liability, and violates the law, cultural symptoms or internationally accepted standards and ethical rules.

3-7- You must grant the island an exclusive, international, unpaid and irrevocable authorization, in order to broadcast, distribute, display, or resubmit, edit, delete, and sell the materials or information that you display on the site without restriction, in any media outlet in terms of the absolute freedom of conduct of the island. This authorization is not limited to a specific period or region.

3-8- The island (a permanent waiver of copyright in the present and the future) waives all rights to any material in all parts of the world, whatever their nature, including the renewals and property rights that occur to them.

3-9- The island has the right and the final say in displaying the material on the site, and it is not obligated in any way to display it in whole or in part on the site (User Submission).

4- Copyright and intellectual property
All names, images and logos that belong to the Al-Jazeera Network or any of the companies associated with it or any third party and its products and services are trademarks owned by the island, and to all who are related to it from companies and third parties.

And none of the texts mentioned in this document may be interpreted – in any way – as granting the right or license for any trademark or franchise to Al Jazeera Network, its subsidiaries or any third party.

All copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights in this website (including design, organization, see and feel) and all materials and content provided as part of the site will always remain the property of the Al Jazeera Network or whoever licenses it.

By accessing this or any other Al-Jazeera website, you agree to do so for your own personal purposes only and not for commercial use.

You should not agree to authorize or assist any third party with copying, downloading, sending, storing (at any other location), distributing, broadcasting, publishing or using any material or content commercially or modifying it, without prior written permission by an authorized official in the Al Jazeera Network .

5- Third-party websites and links
Al-Jazeera is not responsible for the existence or content of materials posted on third-party websites or materials accessed through this site. If you decide to visit any website through its link, you bear the risk and responsibility of taking all protective measures against other destructive pest viruses.

Al Jazeera does not endorse and bear any responsibility for any content, advertisement, products, services, or information provided by third-party websites or materials (including the payment of a price and delivery of such products or services).