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This site is owned and operated by Al Jazeera Satellite Network, and please carefully read the terms and conditions below carefully because they represent the terms and conditions of use for this site.

1- The duty of the user
By using or visiting this website, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions that Al Jazeera enacts on its website from time to time. Your entry to it and your participation or downloading of materials from the site indicates your agreement to adhere to these terms and conditions, and the island has the right to change these terms by publishing them through the site, and you must then indicate acceptance and commitment to these terms, and if you do not agree to any of these conditions, please stop Use the site immediately.

If there is a contradiction between these terms and conditions and between the rules and / or some specific condition for use posted on the site that pertains to a material in its own right, the latter will be applied.

2- Terms of use
The use of this website is permitted for legitimate purposes and in a manner that does not violate the law or any of the rights or restrictions imposed on the use of this site by a third party.

These restrictions include – but are not limited to – harassment, defamation, the use of obscene and offensive language against third methods, and any other behavior that may be considered inappropriate.

Accordingly, you hereby pledge that you are over 18 years old, and / or possess all legal approvals and procedures for the use of this site, and you undertake to abide by all terms and conditions, as well as pledge that you are able to review and adhere to those terms and conditions.

3- Show data
There are various parts of the site that allow the user to view his private data and broadcast it on this site. ”Which is referred to here as (User Submission). It includes personal data, audio-visual materials and opinions, but according to the following conditions:

3-1- When you display any material on this site, you accept to submit an unlimited, irrevocable, global license to “User Submission” on the island, which in turn is entitled to use, distribute, amend or delete parts of the offer as it is its right to free disposal In any forum or media.